Our culture is at the core of our success. It stems from our fiercely independent spirit—rooted in academic research and being unafraid to challenge conventions.
The Esvee culture is about taking a long-term perspective. It’s about how we work with each other—such as our ethos of disagreeing without being disagreeable. It’s about how we make decisions—such as our Multiple Eyes™ approach to investment analysis.
At its heart, our culture is about collaboration and learning, which make Esvee greater than the sum of its parts.

“We are intentional about making sure the Esvee culture is reflected in everything from individual investment decisions all the way up to the structure of the firm itself. Honoring and preserving our culture is a vital aspect of succeeding in our mission to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns for our clients.”

We Believe In Team

We deliver for our clients through the strength of our team rather than the strength of any one individual.
Esvee is a place where no idea is without merit and no dissent is out of bounds. Contrarian views can strengthen an idea just as quickly as they can dispel it. We believe that when multiple people contribute to solving a problem, the solutions that arise are more holistic and well-thought-out.
Our team-based approach helps us attract and retain not only talented people but the right talented people. As with our investment decision-making, we focus on expertise, integrity and cooperation when making hiring decisions.
This active commitment to our culture has enabled us to grow organically from our small-cap roots—and to do so thoughtfully, prudently and confidently with a team of expert investors at the forefront.
Today, Esvee offers 19 strategies that span market caps and geographies. Across all of them, what most defines our approach is a collaborative spirit that embraces unique and diverging viewpoints.

Culture Is Our Advantage

We believe our collegial, collaborative culture is our sustainable competitive advantage. More than the success of any particular strategy, who we are and how we work defines our identity.

We Are Independent in Style and Mindset

Off the beaten path and far from Wall Street, we leverage our independence to thrive as a learning-based organization that champions original thinking.

We Believe In Team

Individual excellence contributes to the success of our collaborative spirit and Multiple EyesTM approach.

We Think Like Owners

Esvee is 100% owned by active employees, and ownership is widely dispersed.