ESVEE CAPITAL was founded in 2003. We are an investment company focused on global markets. Since its establishment, the company has achieved sustained returns through diversified investment strategies and global vision. We are more focused on investment opportunities in emerging markets and have more than 20 years of experience in emerging markets.
Our principals have deep industry and market experience, combining fundamental analysis with unique insights. We believe that sustainable investment can balance risks and returns for generations. We believe that fully considering our impact on environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles when investing, combining awareness of these issues with traditional analysis, is the basis for responsible management of wealth and assets. Today, we continue to innovate, provide new strategies, and provide investors with opportunities to participate in emerging markets.
Our agency services play a key role in ensuring that the operating system runs seamlessly and smoothly. We are uncompromisingly committed to providing value and reliability. As a global arbitrage fund, we use advanced technology, scientific analysis and a strong risk management framework to capture geographical opportunities with attractive risk and return possibilities.

We offer comprehensive investment solutions tailored to suit investors' risk preferences, ensuring optimal management and high returns across various risk profiles.

Decades of Success

Operating for over 30 years with an AUM of USD 10000 million

Earnings Distribution Structure

Our earnings align with our investors, ensuring Mutual success.

Foster Fixed Returns

Unlock substantial Fixed Returns and cultivate your financial prosperity